M/V Reina Magdalena (CAPACITY)=179 PAX
M/V Reina Justisya (CAPACITY)=262 PAX
M/V Reina Immaculada (CAPACITY)=780 PAX
M/V Reina De Las Flores (Capacity)=626 PAX
M/V Reina Banderada (Capacity)=241 PAX
M/V Reina Del Cielo (Capacity)=738 PAX
M/V Reina De Los Angeles (Capacity)=691 PAX
M/V Reina Del Rosario (Capacity)=930 PAX
M/V Reina Genoveva (Capacity)=584 PAX
M/V Reina Emperatriz (Capacity)=490 PAX
M/V Reina DivinaGracia (Capacity)=354 PAX
M/V Reina Timotea (CAPACITY)=505 PAX
M/V Reina Veronica (CAPACITY)=179 PAX
M/V Reina De Las Flores (Capacity)=626 PAX
News and Announcements

Montenegro Lines, which operates 31 ships, have been serving the Filipinos for almost three decades with four vessels transporting goods from one island to another. MANILA, Philippines - Montenegro Shipping Lines, Inc. (MSLI) has recently acquired a second-hand roll-on roll-off (Ro-Ro) vessel from South Korea for P86 million under a lease agreement with the DBP Leasing Corp. (DLC).

DLC vice president for leasing and corporate services Ricardo Romero and DLC vice president for shipping operations Ronilo Bacolod turned over the MV Maria Lolita to MSLI after completing the five-year lease contract. MV Maria Lolita is one of the four Ro-Ro vessels acquired by MSLI under the DLC lease financing scheme.

The three other second-hand Ro-Ro vessels are MV Maria Natasha which sails between Batangas City and Calapan City; MV Maria Oliva, plying the Roxas, Mindoro-Catiklan, Aklan route and the MV Reina Divina Gracia plying the Lucena City-Balanacan, Marinduque route.

Meanwhile, with the expansion of scope of its leasing activities, DLC has recently approved the lease application for a second-hand container by Meridian Cargo Forwarders, Inc. (MCFI). The three-year lease contract has a total project cost of P151 million.

MV Rachel has a maximum capacity of 256 units of 20-foot containers and would be deployed in the developmental route between Manila and Puerto Princesa in Palawan. (EHL)